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The Northwest Network is hiring!

The NW Network is hiring for three full-time community advocate positions.  Full job descriptions and application instructions are linked below.  

 Position: Community Advocate (Bilingual Spanish/English Emphasis)

Click here for the full job description.

Position: Community Advocate

Click here for the full job description.

Position: Youth Program Advocate

Click here to see the full job description.

Please note:  We are very interested in getting a feel for your take on anti-violence work, LBTG community issues and progressive social change in your cover letter.

If emailing your application, attach cover letter and resume as one combined file. Please do not include your cover letter in the body of the email.

Position Open until Filled.  Resumes may be considered immediately upon receipt. We plan to fill the position as soon as possible with a start date no later than 8.17.2014

The NW Network is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


NW Network Announces:

National LGBTQ Access Webinar Series

The Anti-Violence field first in nation to implement federal protections for sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Department of Health and Human Services and the Office on Violence Against Women have announced new requirements regarding access to services for LGBTQ survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking.

The 2013 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) re-authorization, championed by a national coalition of grassroots anti-violence programs, LGBTQ groups, Tribal leaders and Immigrant rights groups, marked the first ever federal legislation to protect sexual orientation and gender identity and created important new protections for Native American and immigrant survivors.

The movement to end domestic violence and sexual assault can draw upon decades of work in the field.

Similarly, Family Violence Prevention Services Act (FVPSA) grant programs now require grantees to demonstrate their commitment to LGBTQ accessibility through policies aimed at creating safe and welcoming environments for LGBTQ survivors.

As a result, the anti-violence movement is poised to provide historic leadership as the first field in any sector to implement federal statute protections for sexual orientation and gender identity nationwide.  At a convening of State DV Coalitions and FVPSA grant administrators in Baltimore last month, leaders echoed the commitment at the grassroots, welcoming the opportunity to ensure access and to affirm the movement’s commitment to safety and self-determination for all survivors.

The movement to end domestic violence and sexual assault can draw upon decades of work in the field. LGBTQ culturally specific programs, such as the NW Network, the Network/La Red, NYC AVP/NCAVP, CUAV, the LA Gay and Lesbian Center and others, have developed advocacy practices that center the needs of diverse LGBTQ communities while providing leadership and technical assistance to the entire field.   Meanwhile, organizations such as Casa Esperanza and the Asian Women Shelter have demonstrated how LGBTQ survivors’ needs can be met within programs that also serve heterosexual survivors.   Since the 1970’s, prominent anti-violence thinkers have addressed homophobia and binary gender as integral tools of the sexism and racism that lie at the root of gender violence.  These histories converge to create a ready environment for demonstrating leadership among federally funded programs on access and non-discrimination for LGBTQ people.

Previously, federal anti-violence legislation did not explicitly authorize services for lesbian, bisexual, trans* and gay people.  Many states and municipalities would not fund services aimed at LGBTQ survivors, or refused to designate LGBTQ people as an underserved community.  Many mainstream programs at the local level who openly welcomed LGBTQ survivors faced backlash from community groups and local funders without political cover from federal policy.  Culturally specific LGBTQ programs withstood even greater barriers to funding and support.  The new provisions provide vital institutional support and legitimize local programs’ work to ensure access for LGBTQ survivors, especially those programs facing hostility from the community-at-large.

While most anti-violence programs welcome the federal policies, barriers remain.  Many programs are functioning beyond capacity and must turn survivors away, others lack the cultural competence to provide meaningful services or have outdated shelter facilities that cannot meet the needs of residents.  Technical assistance, training, expansions in program capacity and changes to built environments are needed across the field.

As part of its National Training and Technical Assistance Initiative, the NW Network will provide a 12-part, 6 month (July – Dec 2014) webinar series to advance inclusive, accessible, non-stigmatizing services to LGBTQ survivors. In addition, strategy sessions will be convened for state administrators and state coalition staff.  The series will assist providers and policy makers to incorporate the needs of LGBTQ survivors across their programming.

Meanwhile, the National LGBTQ DV Capacity Building Learning Center (a project of the NW Network and NCAVP) will work with anti-violence and LGBTQ policy experts from across the country to develop a National LGBTQ DV Blueprint to direct the development of culturally specific and mainstream practice, policy, research and training & technical assistance.  Connie Burk,  2014


[Webinars: July-August]

 Webinars Open to All  (State Administrators, Coalitions and Programs)

You Gotta Work!  LGBTQ Human Resource, Staffing and Volunteer Issues   

Tuesday, July 29th: 12–1:30 pm Pacific (3-4:40 pm Eastern)

To Register, click here

A survey of keystone policies and practices to prohibit discrimination and promote an equitable and welcoming work environment for LGBTQ people. The webinar includes recommendations and practice tools for non-discrimination, human resources, and workplace culture.

Name, Frame & Respond: How to Respond to Harassment in Program Services

Tuesday, August 12th: 12–1:30 pm Pacific (3-4:40 pm Eastern)

To Register, click here

You have the policy, now what?  This interactive webinar will prepare participants to name, frame, and respond to oppressive or concerning comments and actions, and incidents of harassment in anti-violence programs. Participants will respond to scenarios that address both overt and covert homophobia & transphobia, as well as role-playing through real-life situations generated by workers in the field. Content will focus on scenarios specific to both SA and DV advocacy.

*A sense of humor and willingness to learn is highly suggested!

Nothing’s Neutral: Feminist-Centered Programs Welcoming People of All Genders

Tuesday, August 26th: 12-1:30 pm Pacific (3-4:40 pm Eastern)

To Register, click here

A gender neutral analysis of intimate partner violence, abuse, sexual assault, rape and stalking will not result in more support for LGBTQ survivors.  Instead, a robust gender analysis is needed.  This webinar will make a call to action for feminist-centered anti-violence programs to welcome all survivors with meaningful support, unpack the barriers to gender-integrated services, and provide a practical framework for understanding sexism’s role in gender violence.



[Community Education & Social Events]

Fall Relationship Skills Class!

Join us Wednesdays October 1 – November 12, 6-8:30PM 

Registration is open!  To register, click here

RSC logoPlease join us for Fall Relationship Skills Class! This 7 week course explores the skills we need to build the relationships we want. Interpreters are available. If you need an interpreter we are happy to provide one; please register by Wednesday, September 17th. Location is accessible @ Calamus Auditorium at Gay City 517 E Pike St, Seattle.

Topics include: Identifying cultural norms & personal values Accountability Naming & setting boundaries Strengthening support networks and more!

Suggested donation: $90.00. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Scholarships & trades available.

For more information, accessibility questions or to register, contact Deann at: 206.568.7777 

  [Fall WebConferences]

Open to State Administrators & Coalition Staff Only

FVPSA State Administrators Q&A/Strategy Session 1

Tuesday, October 14th: 12–1:30 pm Pacific (3-4:40 pm Eastern)

To Register, click here

FVPSA State Administrators Q&A/Strategy Session 2  

Monday, November 10th: 12–1:30 pm Pacific (3-4:40 pm Eastern)

To Register, click here

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